About Us

The Huettenbar is the perfect combination of Old World charm and modern flourishes. One moment the patrons are chanting "ZiggiZaggeZiggiZagge HoiHoiHoi” with newly made friends, and the next, old acquaintances are singing and dancing as the juke box plays the latest songs.

Part of what makes the Huettenbar more than “just a bar” is the staff, many of whom have been working at the bar for several years. They are warm and friendly and will happily escort you through a tutorial of the many different styles of beers and spirits available.

It’s always a delight to witness patrons sipping a tall, cold, weiss beer on a hot summer day through the enormous front windows, which are open from the first warm breezes until the advent of autumn. Inside there are two long wooden bars, a cozy table for larger parties and plenty of tables throughout the bar for friends to gather and enjoy their drink of choice.

The patrons flock to this northside bar for more than just a quick beer (though that’s always on tap). On any given night you might find yourself in conversation with teachers, musicians, artists, lawyers, city workers, and plenty of folks from all over the world. During the neighborhood's two festivals, Maifest and Octoberfest the bar becomes a focal point of the festivities, and at other times, it’s a neighborhood meeting place to gather with old friends and to meet new ones.